Sphynx Grooming


Bathing your Sphynx


Since sphynx cats have no hair, they require baths. Requiring a bath once a week some a little more some a little less.

And though it sounds scary to bathe a cat. Because we all know that cats hate water, it's really not. I'll even let you in on some of my secrets to bathing sphynx cats without (too much) pain or struggle.

  • First, determine the size bathtub to use. Kittens can be bathed in large bowls or sinks, while larger or adult cats may require a bathtub.
  • Fill the bathtub with water prior to bringing the cat into the room or area. Running water can startle them.
  • Then decide on water temperature, most sphynx seem to like their water to be warm or hot (like dishwater). And I recommend adding some soap to the water so it's bubbly. This distracts that cat in question, as well as helping to soak some of the dirt off of their skin and especially their nails.
  • The water should come to approximately their chest, because for some unknown reason this seems to calm them. But it does vary between cats.
  • Bath toys are always good. Just like babies : )
  • The best time to grab the cat seems to be when they are sleeping and therefore less combative when they get dunked into the water.
  • Use a baby washcloth to scrub your Sphynx, or use your hands with soap on them (that's what I do) and clean them like you would a baby. We use Johnson's baby wash as they have sensitive skin and it makes them so soft and smell just like a baby :)
  • If your cat doesn't tolerate the water, try speaking in a soothing voice, or having someone distract the cat with petting or treats (if treats are possible near your bathtub).
  •  Don't forget to lather the arm and leg pits, forehead wrinkles, the toe under the chin, and tail.
  • Set aside a pitcher with water of the same temperature for rinsing, this way you don't have to turn the faucet
  • After rinsing the cat wrap them in a soft towel, making sure to make them look like a cat taco so they can't claw you.
  • Towels from the dryer seem to work best because they are warm.
  • I always feed some wet food after bath time to work up a good association and make said cat stop giving me the death glare. But you might have another form of reward which is great!


Nail cleaning

Their lack of hair also means that sphynx cats get dirty nails. Their claws become covered in a brown wax similar to that inside the ear. It's a mixture of the oil from their skin and the dirt they encounter. It is relatively easy to clean off after a bath with a Q tip. Or if you're sneaky, while they are napping on you.

As cats age their nails thicken because the old layers stop sloughing off. If the nail becomes to thick it can injure the nail bed and cause the cat pain and annoyance. The cat may then chew at the nail and injure it  further. So to save you and your cat a lot of hassle, rub the nail gently after a bath or nail cleaning in order to loosen excess layers.

Nail trimming

Also it is recommended that you trim your sphynx cats nails weekly to keep them short. This prevents them from accidentally scratching you or another cat during play, or injuring themselves by getting their nails snagged on carpets or drapes.

How to trim your Sphynx nails

  • First simply press on the pad of the foot so that the nails extend.
  • Then, while holding the cat steady so they don't pull away and  cause injury to themselves, clip the nail like you would your own. Being careful not to come too close to the pink part called the quick which is the equivalent of a human cuticle and hurts very badly when clipped.
  • Repeat

Ear Cleaning


Sphynx cats lack of hair include their ears, because of this they get a wax build up inside their ears that should be cleaned on a weekly basis. It is easily cleaned with a Q tip that has been dipped in warm water or with the ear cleaner you can purchase at  store. Just like nail cleaning this can be done when the cat is napping and relaxed, though it will wake them up. A few things to remember when cleaning your cats ears: First, you should never insert a Q tip or anything for that matter into the canal of your cats ear! If you can't see where it is going, don't do it! You can seriously damage the cats ears.


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